About this weblog

These are Alejandro García Salas’ (that’s me) opinions, raw thoughts, and random rambling in a weblog. I created this weblog mostly for myself. I use this weblog to keep track of my thoughts and ideas, to practice my writing skills and as a tool for thinking (by writing).


Who is Alejandro?

That’s me!

What is a “weblog”?

I am glad you asked! Fun fact, the word “blog” is a truncation of the world “weblog” i.e. a log on the web!

Why is this written in English and not Spanish?

If you know me in person you might know I was born and raised in Lima-Perú, thus my native language is Spanish. I decided to (mostly) blog in English because this is the language I wanted to practice writing on the most. Spanish is a beautiful and complex language, but, because I’ve been recently reading a lot of books in English, I suspect I am currently a better English writer. Also, as of now (2017) English is still (sadly), the most popular language on the Internet which means my writing could presumably, reach a bigger audience.

How was this site made?

This site’s code is based on Pixyll made by John Otander using Jekyll. Blog posts are written on Markdown and hosted on Github Pages. You can find the git repository here.