Alejandro García Salas – I'm a founding software engineer at Sail, building a multiplayer browser for the World Wide Web. I was born and raised in Lima, Perú and currently live in San Francisco, California. I love imagining, dreaming, and making experiences people love.

Previously, I was a Senior Software Engineer at Airbnb building and prototyping new search experiences. In the past, I studied computer science at UC Berkeley with a focus on human-computer-interaction. In college, I interned at Airbnb and Pinterest working on design systems and web infrastructure. In high school I interned at Laboratoria, a web dev bootcamp, and Ayu, a small digital agency based out of Lima, Perú. I first got into programming by making video games and I haven't stopped making things ever since. I am grateful to the communities, teachers, and friends that have guided and supported me, and the accessibility to information that the internet enables. You can find my résumé here.

I strive to live a life of adventure and service while building the future I want to see. At the moment, I am broadly interested in globalization, newly industrialized countries, decentralized apps, ed-tech, developer/design/creative tools, the immersive web, and the pluriverse.

Two of my biggest joys are understanding and creating. In addition to programming, I like visiting museums, watching documentaries, listening to music, taking photos, learning languages, travelling, going for long walks, learning the history of things that fascinate me, oil painting, making digital art, drinking tea, and doing anything in between.

“I live true to myself and I live in the present. I follow my heart and intuition, and I exist first and foremost to love”.

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